We enrolled our children to Kidsville for two reasons: to provide social interaction with other kids and to improve their speech and basic comprehension. They were naturally shy, timid and hesitant to interact with others thus we did not expect much. However with the teachers’ and staffs’ reassuring and engaging interaction with the kids, they slowly opened up and became at home in the school’s environment. Our kids impressively grew emotionally, socially and academically, they became confident and fun loving kids. They look forward going to school every day and they are being greeted by the teachers and staffs with warm hugs, hellos and high fives. My older child was well prepared when she went to big school while the younger one is happy to stay for a couple more years. All the school’s programs and activities were very organized and the kids were well-behaved. We enjoyed watching the kids dance, sing, play, dress up, have fun and be just kids.

Kidsville is a great school with admiringly dedicated, caring and nurturing teachers and staffs who go above and beyond to ensure that each child learns, grows and is having fun. We are glad that our kids’ first school experience is with them. As parents, entrusting our children to them is one of the best decision we’ve ever made. – from the Hernandez Family