About Us

About Us

Kidsville provides a progressive curriculum that aims to tap & enhance each child’s potential to learn & be the best that he can be. Recognizing each child’s individuality, we create an environment where children can discover and explore experiences suitable for him and his level. We aim to encourage and give your child the proper tools that would help prepare him as he ventures out into the world and begin his journey towards a lifelong learning.

Kidsville builds the foundation to the fundamentals of early childhood education by providing a stimulating environment that promotes creativity, imagination, and active learning.

We endeavor to achieve our objectives by favoring small class sizes that are managed by well-trained teachers and staff.

Our age-appropriate programs develop social skills, reinforce individuality and enrich creative expression.

Teachers devise sensorial materials and organize exciting hands-on activities that keep your child’s little fingers busy and his/her mind engrossed and happy.

The spacious, well decorated & air-conditioned classrooms allow the children to have a lively & caring place conducive to child development & learning.

Our playground equipment and child-friendly toys are designed to develop motor skills, encourage creativity and enhance imagination.

We provide your child a place for self-absorption & appreciation of Literature thus generating interest and fostering love for Reading.

Kidsville partners with parents to provide the children with a secure, warm, and nurturing place wich they can call “home away from home”.