“We are parents of 2 kids, a 6yo boy & a 3yo girl. Our son started schooling at 3. When we were scouting for a preschool for him, there were a lot to choose from here in Betterliving area. I joined forums and asked friends to check on reviews for these schools. One of the school that was highly recommended by my friends is Kidsville. Upon inquiring on the tuition fees, we were quite hesitant coz it’s a bit pricy compare to other schools. But then again, we were looking for a quality school which would be our son’s second home, a school where he would first learn his ABCs and 123s, so we said, tuition should not be our main consideration, but the quality of its curriculum, the teachers, the school environment, or suffice it to say, a school which would have great influence on my son’s formative years. It was good that Kidsville held free summer classes. We had Enzo tried the 1-week summer class, and he liked it. So we decided to enroll him even before the 1-week summer class ended. And I would say with conviction that it was one of the best decisions that we made for our kids. While Enzo knew already his alphabet (he learned it on his own from watching TV since he didn’t want scheduled lessons with me), he learned a lot in his first year (as Nursery, or they call Crickets) in Kidsville, including writing his name. And so, we let him stay in Kidsville for another 2 years (Kinder and Prep), which were all great learning years for him. By the time he finished Kinder, he can already read and became even more inquisitive and hungry for information. He would have been in Grade One in San Beda after his Kinder year in Kidsville. But my son insisted on staying for another year. While we initially thought that 1 year would be wasted, we didn’t want to force him into going to big school. So he stayed as Prep, which was one another great year for Enzo. And our initial thought that 1year would be wasted was baseless at all. The discipline that Enzo developed while in Kidsville enabled him to be accepted as Grade 2 based on the K-12 program. And because of our experience in Kidsville with Kuya, we decided on enrolling our daughter earlier at 2 1/2 yo as Pre-Nursery. From an extremely shy girl who didn’t know anything, my daughter blossomed into a sociable confident smart girl who is now very talkative and inquisitive like her Kuya. And she’s now enrolled as Nursery in Kidsville this coming school year 2015-2016. We could have enrolled her in Kuya’s school as well, so it would be logistically easier for us. But we want her to enjoy her preschool years in the same environment as Kuya….light, fun-filled, balanced with the necessary academics for their age.

That being said, we would say Kidsville is indeed a great school for preschoolers! The tuition fees that we paid to them were the best investment we made for our kids.”

Mrs. Concepcion ( proud mommy of Renzo & Eena)