As we look into different pre-schools, armed with criteria we thought a school should meet for our child’s early education, we came across a question. What do we want our child to be when she grows up? Instead of answering that question ourselves, we wanted her to have that choice instead.  But first she must be equipped with the very basic foundation, Education. Each preschool and play school we checked seemed to be, if not intimidating, was too loud and noisy for our daughter Eunice. There was too much activity going around with the teachers and other kids, adults and guardians alike are walking here and there during the class held in a single large room. Then there was this very formal preschool with very traditional approach which my husband and I thought was too early for her to experience, for a shy, clingy, 3-yr old child that time, we wanted her to be exposed to other kids, to learn and have fun at the same time.

Until we came across Kidsville, everything we expected from a child’s early education was met. From the first day Eunice went to pre-nursery until nursery, we always noticed new improvements with Eunice. There isn’t a single day that our daughter showed little interest in school. The teaching method is very effective for her. For a toddler to be very excited everyday to go to school, there must be something very good going on in school. It became her second home. The teachers were like their second mothers. I witnessed how the teachers treat each child, like a caring mother of a family. Every time we pass by the street perpendicular to Kidsville, she never failed to mention, most specially if we are with someone else – a visitor or a relative, and is very proud to announce “There’s my school Kidsville with Teacher Anne and Teacher Leng and other teachers, and my friends Alex, Cassey, Vito, Elena, David (and so on) also go there.”

Thank you Kidsville for giving Eunice confidence in herself. Her social skills greatly improved. I can still remember Eunice’s first few days in pre-nursery (with Teacher Anne), I suffered from separation anxiety as much as she was. I could hear her cry from where I was sitting outside her classroom, and that was one heartbreaking moment for me, and so I asked my husband to accompany her instead in school everyday. But that all changed, to this day she alone can dress up in school uniform by herself every morning, more confident, excited, and proud of what she is able to do. But then I realize the first few days of Eunice in the classroom clinging on me, would be the last time I will be inside the classroom with her, I will forever cherish those days. As she is now more confident to face each classroom and future schooling on her own with the enthusiasm to learn.

More power to Kidsville!

A proud mother to Eunice Janelle,
Mrs. Mary Jane P. Lambojon