1. Balanced, quality early childhood education – I’m not only glad but also impressed that Kidsville has competently delivered this. My child has enjoyably learned his ABCs within the context of his everyday experiences and not through serious, traditional ways. Quality education to me means quality teachers and staff, quality learning materials, and quality execution of in-school and outdoor activities and I should say that Kidsville has exceeded my expectations in this aspect.

2. An environment that supports holistic learning – apart from its physical environment that is safe, comfortable, and inviting, Kidsville provides a nurturing environment that supports the demanding and individual needs of every child. School equipments and materials are not scarced.  There’s a sufficient and generous supply for arts and crafts. My son is wild at heart and the unpredictable, adventurous, creative activities that are being introduced everyday makes him look forward to go to school every day.

3. Teachers build relationships – the Kidsville teachers (including the staff) don’t only build and develop learning, they build relationships. They go the extra mile to ensure that the children are provided with the best care possible which gives us parents a peace of mind. Evidently, they don’t just do the day job. They are genuine and sincere. They interact and engage with parents. They are professional and competent. More than simple characteristics, I think Kidsville has built this reputation and culture in their more than two decades of experience and expertise.

NB. As per my Cricket son’s request, he would like me to greet in this message his BFFs especially Caycee, Luigi, Vito, Caleigh, Kristen, Elina, Kimi, Eunice, and Giada.

See you in SY 2014. God bless.
Yvonne Biliwang