Kidsville has been Kimi’s second home.  The first day we inquired about their preschool we felt “at home” already and had made our decision right there and then. We did not look elsewhere.  The teachers invited us for a seat-in so my son would see how it was like to be in a real classroom with a lot of kids (8 or 10 is already a lot for him!).  As I have expected, he cried a lot during the seat-in with Teacher Anne’s Bumblebees, and would not let me out of his sight.  He’s very aloof around kids, wouldn’t even make eye contact.  When asked about his name, he would turn to me and say “you say it.”   Fast forward, he became a Cricket (Nursery) under Teacher Joanna… I really don’t know how she handled it but my Kimi turned into a sociable uber friendly kid, very comical and has a lot of things to say.  The teachers and even the staff are really hands on.  Learning, as far as I can see it, is so much F-U-N!  Imagine giving my son a real Fish for F… bringing home a Hamburger for H… even riding a real fire truck and using the water hose for their fire drill. Those are just a few simple things to mention, but for a child it means a lot.  It really is surprising to see him as being shy the first day and then dancing to his heart’s delight in an auditorium the next day; scribbling just lines on a paper to writing his full name and all the alphabet and numbers the next.  They had worked wonders.  I am so eager to see my son as a Beetle this time with Teacher Ellaine, for sure it would be an exciting one.

For everything, thank you Teacher Joanna and all the teachers; for moulding Kimi into a very sociable, happy, friendly, enthusiastic person.  For bringing out the best in him, THANK YOU!


Mrs. Mabel Manalo
proud mommy of Kimi (Cricket sy 2013-2014)