It was a great year spent with all of you. When we were school hunting before, my first choice was Kidsville and I certainly followed my instinct. The moment we went there my child fell in love with your school, the environment, the child friendly facilities and the fun-loving people who welcomed us.

It’s great to know that there is a place where my child can learn and have fun at the same time.

My daughter was originally a Filipino speaker when she first enrolled in your school and in a span of one (1) month, she was already able to speak the English Language very well.

We are so fascinated at how much she has grown and how fast she has learned so many things in school… she can write her full name now, can read sight words, knows the letters of the alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers and many more. She expresses herself well, uses a lot of new words that even I get surprised to hear from her. I never thought that a kid can learn all these in Nursery. Kuddos to Teacher Claude for doing a great job!

My husband and I also enjoyed the school events. Family Olympics… Oh yes! Kidsville throws the best family olympics. The educational field trips were enjoyable not only for the kids but for the adults as well. The Halloween party was fun, the kids were so cute and it was nice seeing the other parents making an effort to prepare such wonderful costumes for their children. The Christmas Program is superb! And lastly, the performances during the Graduation/Moving Up Day, is the best! From the choreography to the costumes, it was evident that the kids as well as the teachers gave their best.

And oh by the way, the Teachers look stunning during the graduation. :)

It was a fun year definitely well spent. I am happy, we are staying and we are not going anywhere. We will see you all again next school year.

Thank you to the Kidsville Teachers & Staff for teaching and looking after our kids. You really all did a great job!


Sincerely yours;

Mrs. Jo-an D. Liwanag
Mother of Caitlin (Nursery)