A Secret Treasure Worth Sharing- My Daughter’s Preschool named Kidsville

When I was searching endlessly for a preschool that will meet my standards for my daughter’s basic education , I couldn’t believe that I will find one… way beyond my expectations !!

For our 2.5 year old daughter Eliana, (our first child, who as dotting parents we tend to overprotect) being around unfamiliar surroundings, faces, and even sounds make her panic and cry. School, parties, relatives, and people clapping and laughing really make her scared and uneasy. That is how she started in Kidsville , always aloof from her classmates… watching from a distance… quietly waiting for her turn.

But after months of being in school, our Eliana has turned into a chatterbox! She now greets people, runs in excitement to see her classmates, shrieks her loudest and wiggles with all her might as the music plays inside the classroom.

How can one change a kid so fast in just two hours of learning a day? Well, that’s Kidsville’s expertise. I guess passion in things that you do makes anything and everything possible… Seeing how they teach each letter of the Alphabet as fun and playful as they do will really leave an indelible mark in our kids’ hearts and minds!! This gives them a far better advantage emotionally and cognitively than other kids their age!! Believe me I have done my research and curriculum background check with at least four different “big schools” (with pre schools) :) Kidsville shares their fun school moments with us parents and that really make us feel a part of our daughter’s journey to learning (especially since we cannot always see what they’re doing in school.)

For everything that you have done and more… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ! You made her school life very exciting and unbelievably fun ! Thank God for Kidsville !!! May the passion to teach and share be with you always !

See you all in June 2012 for another exciting year !!

 Mrs. Oleta
(Proud Mom of Eliana – Bumblebee SY 2011-2012)

Kidsville…Our Child’s Second Home

We learned about Kidsville through my sister-in-law who, at that time was teaching in another school. She, in turn, learned about Kidsville through a friend whose kids studied there. Our friends from as far as Merville told us about Kidsville too and that’s how we decided to make sure our daughter Briana (“Bu”) would study and finish pre-school in Kidsville.

To us, Kidsville wasn’t a school. It was a home. The place looked fun. We loved the school uniform! We were impressed with the idea that the school did not “rank” its pupils. We were even more impressed at how our daughter turned out. She spoke well, could read well, do math and perform on stage!

We had an issue though when Bu was in PREP and was in her last year in school: She didn’t want to leave Kidsville. That’s how much she loved it there.

We were equally impressed by the way the Teachers run the school and we always looked forward to our scheduled dialogues with them.

The Teachers’ concern for their students did not stop even after they left school.  We remember telling our friends how the Teachers would go around visiting other schools to scout for possible “big schools” that their students might consider and go to.

This coming school year, Bu will be in Grade 3 and she is doing fine.  I remember one time, when in Grade 1, she told us that her new teacher was educating them on how to tell time.  Having taken up the topic when she was in Kidsville, she looked at her classmate Kassandra (also a Kidsville graduate), smiled at each other and whispered “Kidsville!”.  Of course, at Kidsville they learned more other than telling time.  But at that moment, I felt Bu and Kassandra were really “ahead of their time.”

 Mr.  Frane
Proud Papa of Briana ( Kidsville Alumna Batch 2009-2010)

A Thank You Letter

To all the Teachers of Kidsville Creative System, especially to Teacher Ellaine,

I am so grateful and thankful that we have found Kidsville during the time that I’ve been looking for a school for my youngest daughter.  My daughter is a child  diagnosed with special needs and was not accepted by the first school I tried to enroll her in. I asked that school to reconsider accepting my daughter since 2 of my children attended their school from primary to high school. But we were not given consideration.

Finally, I found Kidsville and talked with the directress Teacher Anna, at first I was not expecting a positive answer but I wanted to take my chances and asked if they can consider accepting my child in their school. All we wanted was a chance, a chance for  Natasha, to be in a regular school since the Developmental Pedia also recommended that she should be placed in a regular school.  The following day, I went back to Kidsville and Teacher Anna told me that they have decided to accept my child. I am so happy, as well as my child, because when Natasha saw Kidsville, I knew that she liked to be in that school.

When she entered Kidsville in June 2011, my daughter couldn’t even identify or recite any letter of the alphabet or count numbers or she couldn’t even answer when being asked. She would not play with other children because she is so shy, and she is not confident enough to join other children during play time. It was a big challenge to Teacher Ellaine since my daughter is like a Nursery student in a Kinder class with an age of a Prep student. But Teacher Ellaine was so accommodating and determined that she could help my child learn the normal way, and she did that, we are all glad and happy to see how my child developed to be a normal girl with nice manners too.

Now, she shows a big difference and improvement in her social and academic behaviors. I am proud to say that even if she is a slow learner, she was able to learn because of the different and very effective teaching ways of Kidsville. She can now write and identify numbers, can express herself better in English at that, and has developed her reasoning skills. She has won a lot of friends who are all so cute and nice to each other. She has gained self-confidence which enables her to socialize and play with them happily. Kidsville has done so much for Natasha as well as for us. And I know that I have chosen the right school for her.

Teachers are their second mothers when they are in school.   In  Kidsville, teachers are not only their second moms, but they are friends to their students as well.

Some Parents I know in our Therapy center would ask me where Natasha goes to school, and I would tell them and highly recommend Kidsville because I have experienced the quality of their teaching, and how they touch the heart of each student. These Parents noticed great difference from the time they first saw Natasha and how she is now.

Thank you so much KIDSVILLE, Teachers Anna, Leng, Anne, Maureen, and most of all Teacher Ellaine. You all have given Natasha her CHANCE to learn AND you have given us HOPE, that she will be able to learn more and join in a regular school.

Hugs and Kisses from Natasha and our family. =)

Mommy Cindy
(proud mommy of Natasha – Beetle SY 2011-2012)

Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Finding a pre-school for Julian was not so difficult, upon recollection of this moment three years back. I actually checked on four other schools within the Better Living area, just to make a comparison and a more concrete basis of our selection. However, during my initial visit to Kidsville, I knew then and there that this was going to be Julian’s first school. The homey structure and facilities were already impressive, as is. The accommodating teachers and the cute students who greeted and attended to my queries were the convincing factors. I made my choice, in no time. All I needed to do was to be biased in telling Julian’s papa about this school, situated just within the neighborhood. For him, it was a practical pick since Kidsville is only about five minutes leisure walk, from our home.

Time flies. I cannot imagine how my little boy learned to write, read and do math, at five. The academics he acquired from the school is simply amazing. I am awed since I can still perfectly recall that I learned most of what he already knows now, when I was already seven or up. Aside from these, he also developed confidence, expressed his thoughts vividly, communicated his emotions and most importantly, made a lot of friends. The school activities such as the field trips, fire/earthquake drills, mini Olympics, Halloween and UN Day were all an evident display of fun in learning. To top it off, the Christmas Program and Moving Up Exercises were absolutely beyond expectations. The combined efforts of the students, the staff and the teachers created an awesome exhibit of talent and dedication. Seeing my son on stage during these times, were truly priceless.

As a mama to Julian, I am sincerely grateful to Kidsville for being a part of my child’s pre-school years. Indeed, I am sure that we had chosen the best for him. I now believe that all (and even a lot more) he needed to know, he learned in kindergarten. Kudos to Kidsville and more power!

Mommy Myla
Julian’s proud Mama (Beetle SY 2011-2012)

Why Kidsville… A Brother’s Kidsville Experience

Kidsville has played a big part in enriching my brother’s intellectual  skills as well as his personality. Throughout his first school year in  the school it is evident how much progress he has made. From being a  shy and stereotypical kid, Kidsville has made him show his true  potential. Last year, he didn’t know how to write any word other than  his name. Look at him now, and he can read a whole storybook with  comprehension and write in full sentences. Before, he can only go as  far as 10 in terms of addition and counting. Now, he counts to  hundreds, adds tens, and sometimes even millions. A very significant  change the school has made in him is for him to be outstandingly  fluent in the English language. I remember that a year ago, he would  always speak in Tagalog and had even acquired the Visayan accent of  his ate. It’s very surprising now how much he knows and speaks  English. All in all, he is a better brother, a better son, and a  better person who always carries a smile to reach out to others and  explore the world in the best way possible a little boy can.

Robbie Tamayo
Proud Brother of Alfonso (Beetle SY 2011-2012)


What Is Kidsville

I am so blessed to have another son after 10 years of waiting.
And I am doubly blessed to have found Kidsville.
I think the following will aptly describe my Kidsville experience:

K- kid friendly

I – individualized approach

D – dedicated staff

S – safe environment

V – value for money

I – incredible curriculum

L – loving teachers

L – learning to the fullest

E – extraordinary productions

In his one year stay in Kidsville my dear Alfonso (a beetle under
Teacher Ellaine) had improved a lot- academically, socially,
psychologically and artistically. and for this I can’t thank the
Kidsville family headed by Teacher Anna enough. Kidsville had served  as Alfonso’s second home and Teacher Elaine did a great job of being  his second mother, mentor and friend. To the Kidsville family: I will  be forever grateful.

Dra. Marietta Tamayo
Proud Mommy of Alfonso (Beetle SY 2011-2012)

From The Desk of a Kidsville Parent

I was driving around Better Living in the summer of 1994, looking for a preschool for my 2-year old son, Paolo.  Maybe through the phone directory or through a flyer, I ended up in Columbia Street.  I vaguely remember the house or the backyard, but that same day I signed Paolo up for Kidsville’s pre-nursery class.

Paolo was my eldest, so it was very difficult to compare Kidsville with any other school.  But in just a few months, Kidsville and its teachers easily exceeded my expectations.  It was the perfect “first school” experience for both me and my son.  I savored the feeling I got visiting the school.  It was always very homey and teachers and staff always made me feel welcome.  Soon enough, they had all become my friends.

Before Kidsville, I was always skeptic of any other education method that wasn’t “Montessori”; having, myself, come from a Montessori school.  Kidsville had some Montessori elements but what made me really happy was how, despite the challenges they exposed the kids to (homework and tests), the children were nevertheless happy each day they went to school.

I was certain that the staff and teachers loved Paolo because as parents, my husband and I felt that sincerity and care- through their letters, newsletters, party and programs, and whenever we would visit the school.

It was not a surprise, therefore, that, 16 years later, after relocating back to the Philippines from the US, I came home once again to Kidsville.  This time, Paolo’s baby brother, Ton, would be the teachers’ new baby.

Immediately, Teacher Anne and the whole school reminded me how lucky our family was to have our child in Kidsville.  Unlike during Paolo’s time, I now had a lot of experience with other schools.  It was such a relief to know that the teachers were on the same page as I was.  Communication lines were so open and never was I made to wait to talk to teacher.  I knew that when an issue was urgent to me, it was to Teacher Anne as well.

And, compared to my old Montessori school where teachers were supposed to be child-centered and instruction individualized, I was more secure that Teacher Anne would accommodate Ton’s needs and quirks while, at the same time, teaching him to respect limits and routines.  They even allowed Ton to visit the school for a few weeks before classes started!

I was very impressed with Ton’s first month, that (though it was not in the plan for her to enter school so early) Tessa, my youngest, soon joined Ton in his 8-10 am pre-nursery class.  My once skeptic husband was also impressed.  His two babies were learning so much and yet were so happy to go to school!

And, though the teachers are a little older than when Paolo was studying here, they continue to amaze me with their warmth, sincerity and love for the kids and for teaching.  (I am also surprised that they still have so much energy!)

So, to the Kidsville teachers, thank you for your boundless love for the children past and present (and future). You have done well to maintain that first impression I got 16 years ago.  You and your school have always been wonderful and I am so glad to be given another chance to prove that.  It’s great to be back home.

Mommy Aya
Proud Parent of Paolo, Ton & Tessa