Our Family’s Kidsville Experience

She was a baby when this overeager, first time mom began researching on the best preschools in the area.  More than the school’s website, it was the separate rave reviews from my sister, a cousin, and a colleague that convinced me that Kidsville would be my choice.

Shortly after Colleen turned three, we signed her up for the trial class before her pre-nursery (or Bumblebee) schoolyear.  She seemed to enjoy all the activities but refused to have me leave the classroom.  That was expected in the first few days, I was told.  But to my dismay, she seemed extra clingy, too hyperactive, and once bit a member of the staff because she wanted to go to the playground when it was time for an indoor activity!

So with some trepidation, on the first day of school,  I commissioned myself to the role of stage mother.  To my delight, I discovered that my presence in the classroom was not needed that day, nor the next, nor the next. Colleen simply came to class as if she had been doing so all her life.  She posed gamely for Teacher Anne’s camera, sang songs, played with her classmates, and came home with a welcome gift from teacher each day that first week of school.  I initially had concerns that Colleen would find pre-nursery unchallenging as she already knew her alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.  But it amazed me no end each time she came home from school singing a new song, reciting a new prayer, stating the beginning letter of things she sees, counting from 1 to 100, then skip counting by 10s, regaling us with stories about the teachers and staff of Kidsville, as well as her classmates, and finally, writing her name.  And who knew that my often obstinate little one could be directed to sing and dance on cue at the annual Christmas and moving up exercises?

It was a year of firsts for us parents too as I was assigned to read a storybook out loud at my daughter’s class. At the annual family olympics, I suspected my husband had more fun than our little girl as we joined other parents in relay events and took home a sizeable booty!

Fun and learning equals happy, smart and balanced kids.  I think that is what Kidsville is about.  It doesn’t hurt that everyone in school knows each one by name.  No one is a stranger here, be they teachers, staff, students, parents, even yayas.  It was only when I viewed Teacher Anne’s carefully prepared photoslideshow of Colleen’s entire bumblebee year that I realized how quickly time had passed.  Looking at the collage of photos of my daughter and her classmates, how tiny they were when they started, and how they had matured and formed baby friendships within the year, left me nearly bawling.  I’m convinced that Kidsville had really pushed her potential more than I could have had I kept her at home.  And for this I have no regrets.

Dra. Reyes
Proud Mama of Colleen (Bumblebee SY 2011-2012)


A Secret Treasure Worth Sharing- My Daughter’s Preschool named Kidsville

When I was searching endlessly for a preschool that will meet my standards for my daughter’s basic education , I couldn’t believe that I will find one… way beyond my expectations !!

For our 2.5 year old daughter Eliana, (our first child, who as dotting parents we tend to overprotect) being around unfamiliar surroundings, faces, and even sounds make her panic and cry. School, parties, relatives, and people clapping and laughing really make her scared and uneasy. That is how she started in Kidsville , always aloof from her classmates… watching from a distance… quietly waiting for her turn.

But after months of being in school, our Eliana has turned into a chatterbox! She now greets people, runs in excitement to see her classmates, shrieks her loudest and wiggles with all her might as the music plays inside the classroom.

How can one change a kid so fast in just two hours of learning a day? Well, that’s Kidsville’s expertise. I guess passion in things that you do makes anything and everything possible… Seeing how they teach each letter of the Alphabet as fun and playful as they do will really leave an indelible mark in our kids’ hearts and minds!! This gives them a far better advantage emotionally and cognitively than other kids their age!! Believe me I have done my research and curriculum background check with at least four different “big schools” (with pre schools) :) Kidsville shares their fun school moments with us parents and that really make us feel a part of our daughter’s journey to learning (especially since we cannot always see what they’re doing in school.)

For everything that you have done and more… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ! You made her school life very exciting and unbelievably fun ! Thank God for Kidsville !!! May the passion to teach and share be with you always !

See you all in June 2012 for another exciting year !!

 Mrs. Oleta
(Proud Mom of Eliana – Bumblebee SY 2011-2012)

Kidsville…Our Child’s Second Home

We learned about Kidsville through my sister-in-law who, at that time was teaching in another school. She, in turn, learned about Kidsville through a friend whose kids studied there. Our friends from as far as Merville told us about Kidsville too and that’s how we decided to make sure our daughter Briana (“Bu”) would study and finish pre-school in Kidsville.

To us, Kidsville wasn’t a school. It was a home. The place looked fun. We loved the school uniform! We were impressed with the idea that the school did not “rank” its pupils. We were even more impressed at how our daughter turned out. She spoke well, could read well, do math and perform on stage!

We had an issue though when Bu was in PREP and was in her last year in school: She didn’t want to leave Kidsville. That’s how much she loved it there.

We were equally impressed by the way the Teachers run the school and we always looked forward to our scheduled dialogues with them.

The Teachers’ concern for their students did not stop even after they left school.  We remember telling our friends how the Teachers would go around visiting other schools to scout for possible “big schools” that their students might consider and go to.

This coming school year, Bu will be in Grade 3 and she is doing fine.  I remember one time, when in Grade 1, she told us that her new teacher was educating them on how to tell time.  Having taken up the topic when she was in Kidsville, she looked at her classmate Kassandra (also a Kidsville graduate), smiled at each other and whispered “Kidsville!”.  Of course, at Kidsville they learned more other than telling time.  But at that moment, I felt Bu and Kassandra were really “ahead of their time.”

 Mr.  Frane
Proud Papa of Briana ( Kidsville Alumna Batch 2009-2010)