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We enrolled our children to Kidsville for two reasons: to provide social interaction with other kids and to improve their speech and basic comprehension. They were naturally shy, timid and hesitant to interact with others thus we did not expect much. However with the teachers’ and staffs’ reassuring and engaging interaction with the kids, they slowly opened up and became at home in the school’s environment. Our kids impressively grew emotionally, socially and academically, they became confident and fun loving kids. They look forward going to school every day and they are being greeted by the teachers and staffs with warm hugs, hellos and high fives. My older child was well prepared when she went to big school while the younger one is happy to stay for a couple more years. All the school’s programs and activities were very organized and the kids were well-behaved. We enjoyed watching the kids dance, sing, play, dress up, have fun and be just kids.

Kidsville is a great school with admiringly dedicated, caring and nurturing teachers and staffs who go above and beyond to ensure that each child learns, grows and is having fun. We are glad that our kids’ first school experience is with them. As parents, entrusting our children to them is one of the best decision we’ve ever made.  – from the Hernandez Family

KIDSVILLE… A Great School for Preschoolers

“We are parents of 2 kids, a 6yo boy & a 3yo girl. Our son started schooling at 3. When we were scouting for a preschool for him, there were a lot to choose from here in Betterliving area. I joined forums and asked friends to check on reviews for these schools. One of the school that was highly recommended by my friends is Kidsville.  Upon inquiring on the tuition fees, we were quite hesitant coz it’s a bit pricy compare to other schools. But then again, we were looking for a quality school which would be our son’s second home, a school where he would first learn his ABCs and 123s, so we said, tuition should not be our main consideration, but the quality of its curriculum, the teachers, the school environment, or suffice it to say, a school which would have great influence on my son’s formative years.  It was good that Kidsville held free summer classes. We had Enzo tried the 1-week summer class, and he liked it. So we decided to enroll him even before the 1-week summer class ended. And I would say with conviction that it was one of the best decisions that we made for our kids. While Enzo knew already his alphabet (he learned it on his own from watching TV since he didn’t want scheduled lessons with me), he learned a lot in his first year (as Nursery, or they call Crickets) in Kidsville, including writing his name. And so, we let him stay in Kidsville for another 2 years (Kinder and Prep), which were all great learning years for him. By the time he finished Kinder, he can already read and became even more inquisitive and hungry for information. He would have been in Grade One in San Beda after his Kinder year in Kidsville. But my son insisted on staying for another year. While we initially thought that 1 year would be wasted, we didn’t want to force him into going to big school. So he stayed as Prep, which was one another great year for Enzo. And our initial thought that 1year would be wasted was baseless at all. The discipline that Enzo developed while in Kidsville enabled him to be accepted as Grade 2 based on the K-12 program. And because of our experience in Kidsville with Kuya, we decided on enrolling our daughter earlier at 2 1/2 yo as Pre-Nursery. From an extremely shy girl who didn’t know anything, my daughter blossomed into a sociable confident smart girl who is now very talkative and inquisitive like her Kuya. And she’s now enrolled as Nursery in Kidsville this coming school year 2015-2016. We could have enrolled her in Kuya’s school as well, so it would be logistically easier for us. But we want her to enjoy her preschool years in the same environment as Kuya….light, fun-filled, balanced with the necessary academics for their age.

That being said, we would say Kidsville is indeed a great school for preschoolers! The tuition fees that we paid to them were the best investment we made for our kids.”

Mrs. Concepcion ( proud mommy of Renzo & Eena)

My Child’s Kidsville Experience

Mio developed his love of school at Kidsville.  Classes are highly interesting and engaging for the kids, but still allow for discipline and structure.

We are thankful to the dedicated teachers who go the extra mile to teach and care for our son.  He received the proper training for school, not just by honing his skills related to the academics but also interpersonal and emotional.  We are very pleased with the balance we see in Mio, more so because he had the best time at Kidsville achieving it.

Elaine Dizon (mommy of Mio – Beetle sy 2013-2014)

Love At First Sight

Finding the right preschool for our son was no easy task. Took about a year of trial classes and oculars in different preschools before we finally decided on Kidsville. It was love at first sight, if there is such a thing, for me and Joaquin when we first stepped in this homey preschool. The trial class in May 2013 sealed the deal. Joaquin is definitely going to be a Bumblebee! Learning was not this fun before. Kidsville brings out the best in the children and the saint in monster moms like me. We are very thankful especially to Teacher Anne, Joaquin’s first official teacher, for making wonderful memories during our son’s first school year and faithfully documenting them, too. Thank you Kidsville family for being an important part and instrumental to the many milestones Joaquin achieved this year. We love you Kidsville!


Maricar & Sam Santillan
Happy Kidsville parents of Joaquin

Fun-Filled Experiences At Kidsville

It was a great year spent with all of you. When we were school hunting before, my first choice was Kidsville and I certainly followed my instinct. The moment we went there my child fell in love with your school, the environment, the child friendly facilities and the fun-loving people who welcomed us.

It’s great to know that there is a place where my child can learn and have fun at the same time.

My daughter was originally a Filipino speaker when she first enrolled in your school and in a span of one (1) month, she was already able to speak the English Language very well.

We are so fascinated at how much she has grown and how fast she has learned so many things in school… she can write her full name now, can read sight words, knows the letters of the alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers and many more. She expresses herself well, uses a lot of new words that even I get surprised to hear from her. I never thought that a kid can learn all these in Nursery. Kuddos to Teacher Claude for doing a great job!

My husband and I also enjoyed the school events. Family Olympics… Oh yes! Kidsville throws the best family olympics. The educational field trips were enjoyable not only for the kids but for the adults as well. The Halloween party was fun, the kids were so cute and it was nice seeing the other parents making an effort to prepare such wonderful costumes for their children. The Christmas Program is superb! And lastly, the performances during the Graduation/Moving Up Day, is the best! From the choreography to the costumes, it was evident that the kids as well as the teachers gave their best.

And oh by the way, the Teachers look stunning during the graduation. :)

It was a fun year definitely well spent. I am happy, we are staying and we are not going anywhere. We will see you all again next school year.

Thank you to the Kidsville Teachers & Staff for teaching and looking after our kids. You really all did a great job!


Sincerely yours;

Mrs. Jo-an D. Liwanag
Mother of Caitlin (Nursery)

Kidsville in Retrospect

2 years ago we were looking for a good school to enrol our very active son. We went to a lot of schools in the area, asked around and Kidsville was on top of the list. The school was highly recommended.
Our son was very active and curious. He needed the right school where he can learn and play at the same time. Kidsville made it fun for the kids. That’s why as much as possible our little boy did not want to miss school. You’ve allowed us parents to experience this too. It was an enjoyable 2 years for the whole family. Thank you Teacher Leng for keeping our son in check and to Teacher Claude for being kind despite the surely rowdy days in class. Your patience, dedication, and passion to teach the kids are highly appreciated. We saw how much our son has learned, grown, and matured (though still super active!) during his entire stay in Kidsville.

To all the Teachers thank you too. Ate Marissa and Kuya Eddie, thank you for making sure Niko is brought home safely.
I’ve always read that the right thing to do is to start your child’s early learning years with the best school. Learning the right way from the start. We know we’ve made a good decision when we enrolled Niko at Kidsville. Niko love’s you all and misses you already…

Daddy Lester and Mommy Nikki Guevarra to super active Nikolas Lorenzo Guevarra.


3 Reasons Why Kidsville Is Best In Its Class

1. Balanced, quality early childhood education – I’m not only glad but also impressed that Kidsville has competently delivered this. My child has enjoyably learned his ABCs within the context of his everyday experiences and not through serious, traditional ways. Quality education to me means quality teachers and staff, quality learning materials, and quality execution of in-school and outdoor activities and I should say that Kidsville has exceeded my expectations in this aspect.

2. An environment that supports holistic learning – apart from its physical environment that is safe, comfortable, and inviting, Kidsville provides a nurturing environment that supports the demanding and individual needs of every child. School equipments and materials are not scarced.  There’s a sufficient and generous supply for arts and crafts. My son is wild at heart and the unpredictable, adventurous, creative activities that are being introduced everyday makes him look forward to go to school every day.

3. Teachers build relationships – the Kidsville teachers (including the staff) don’t only build and develop learning, they build relationships. They go the extra mile to ensure that the children are provided with the best care possible which gives us parents a peace of mind. Evidently, they don’t just do the day job. They are genuine and sincere. They interact and engage with parents. They are professional and competent. More than simple characteristics, I think Kidsville has built this reputation and culture in their more than two decades of experience and expertise.

NB. As per my Cricket son’s request, he would like me to greet in this message his BFFs especially Caycee, Luigi, Vito, Caleigh, Kristen, Elina, Kimi, Eunice, and Giada.

See you in SY 2014. God bless.
Yvonne Biliwang

A Mother’s Love, A Parent’s Dream

As we look into different pre-schools, armed with criteria we thought a school should meet for our child’s early education, we came across a question. What do we want our child to be when she grows up? Instead of answering that question ourselves, we wanted her to have that choice instead.  But first she must be equipped with the very basic foundation, Education. Each preschool and play school we checked seemed to be, if not intimidating, was too loud and noisy for our daughter Eunice. There was too much activity going around with the teachers and other kids, adults and guardians alike are walking here and there during the class held in a single large room. Then there was this very formal preschool with very traditional approach which my husband and I thought was too early for her to experience, for a shy, clingy, 3-yr old child that time, we wanted her to be exposed to other kids, to learn and have fun at the same time.

Until we came across Kidsville, everything we expected from a child’s early education was met. From the first day Eunice went to pre-nursery until nursery, we always noticed new improvements with Eunice. There isn’t a single day that our daughter showed little interest in school. The teaching method is very effective for her. For a toddler to be very excited everyday to go to school, there must be something very good going on in school. It became her second home. The teachers were like their second mothers. I witnessed how the teachers treat each child, like a caring mother of a family. Every time we pass by the street perpendicular to Kidsville, she never failed to mention, most specially if we are with someone else – a visitor or a relative, and is very proud to announce “There’s my school Kidsville with Teacher Anne and Teacher Leng and other teachers, and my friends Alex, Cassey, Vito, Elena, David (and so on) also go there.”

Thank you Kidsville for giving Eunice confidence in herself. Her social skills greatly improved. I can still remember Eunice’s first few days in pre-nursery (with Teacher Anne), I suffered from separation anxiety as much as she was. I could hear her cry from where I was sitting outside her classroom, and that was one heartbreaking moment for me, and so I asked my husband to accompany her instead in school everyday. But that all changed, to this day she alone can dress up in school uniform by herself every morning, more confident, excited, and proud of what she is able to do. But then I realize the first few days of Eunice in the classroom clinging on me, would be the last time I will be inside the classroom with her, I will forever cherish those days. As she is now more confident to face each classroom and future schooling on her own with the enthusiasm to learn.

More power to Kidsville!

A proud mother to Eunice Janelle,
Mrs. Mary Jane P. Lambojon

Kidsville = F-U-N!

Kidsville has been Kimi’s second home.  The first day we inquired about their preschool we felt “at home” already and had made our decision right there and then. We did not look elsewhere.  The teachers invited us for a seat-in so my son would see how it was like to be in a real classroom with a lot of kids (8 or 10 is already a lot for him!).  As I have expected, he cried a lot during the seat-in with Teacher Anne’s Bumblebees, and would not let me out of his sight.  He’s very aloof around kids, wouldn’t even make eye contact.  When asked about his name, he would turn to me and say “you say it.”   Fast forward, he became a Cricket (Nursery) under Teacher Joanna… I really don’t know how she handled it but my Kimi turned into a sociable uber friendly kid, very comical and has a lot of things to say.  The teachers and even the staff are really hands on.  Learning, as far as I can see it, is so much F-U-N!  Imagine giving my son a real Fish for F… bringing home a Hamburger for H… even riding a real fire truck and using the water hose for their fire drill. Those are just a few simple things to mention, but for a child it means a lot.  It really is surprising to see him as being shy the first day and then dancing to his heart’s delight in an auditorium the next day; scribbling just lines on a paper to writing his full name and all the alphabet and numbers the next.  They had worked wonders.  I am so eager to see my son as a Beetle this time with Teacher Ellaine, for sure it would be an exciting one.

For everything, thank you Teacher Joanna and all the teachers; for moulding Kimi into a very sociable, happy, friendly, enthusiastic person.  For bringing out the best in him, THANK YOU!


Mrs. Mabel Manalo
proud mommy of Kimi (Cricket sy 2013-2014)

Our Family’s Kidsville Experience

She was a baby when this overeager, first time mom began researching on the best preschools in the area.  More than the school’s website, it was the separate rave reviews from my sister, a cousin, and a colleague that convinced me that Kidsville would be my choice.

Shortly after Colleen turned three, we signed her up for the trial class before her pre-nursery (or Bumblebee) schoolyear.  She seemed to enjoy all the activities but refused to have me leave the classroom.  That was expected in the first few days, I was told.  But to my dismay, she seemed extra clingy, too hyperactive, and once bit a member of the staff because she wanted to go to the playground when it was time for an indoor activity!

So with some trepidation, on the first day of school,  I commissioned myself to the role of stage mother.  To my delight, I discovered that my presence in the classroom was not needed that day, nor the next, nor the next. Colleen simply came to class as if she had been doing so all her life.  She posed gamely for Teacher Anne’s camera, sang songs, played with her classmates, and came home with a welcome gift from teacher each day that first week of school.  I initially had concerns that Colleen would find pre-nursery unchallenging as she already knew her alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.  But it amazed me no end each time she came home from school singing a new song, reciting a new prayer, stating the beginning letter of things she sees, counting from 1 to 100, then skip counting by 10s, regaling us with stories about the teachers and staff of Kidsville, as well as her classmates, and finally, writing her name.  And who knew that my often obstinate little one could be directed to sing and dance on cue at the annual Christmas and moving up exercises?

It was a year of firsts for us parents too as I was assigned to read a storybook out loud at my daughter’s class. At the annual family olympics, I suspected my husband had more fun than our little girl as we joined other parents in relay events and took home a sizeable booty!

Fun and learning equals happy, smart and balanced kids.  I think that is what Kidsville is about.  It doesn’t hurt that everyone in school knows each one by name.  No one is a stranger here, be they teachers, staff, students, parents, even yayas.  It was only when I viewed Teacher Anne’s carefully prepared photoslideshow of Colleen’s entire bumblebee year that I realized how quickly time had passed.  Looking at the collage of photos of my daughter and her classmates, how tiny they were when they started, and how they had matured and formed baby friendships within the year, left me nearly bawling.  I’m convinced that Kidsville had really pushed her potential more than I could have had I kept her at home.  And for this I have no regrets.

Dra. Reyes
Proud Mama of Colleen (Bumblebee SY 2011-2012)